[molpro-user] Re: manual for Seiko Seiki turbo molecular pump STP-400

H. -J. Werner werner at theochem.uni-stuttgart.de
Sat Jun 10 08:38:12 BST 2006

The OPT keyword does not exist any more in 2006.1. 
Everything can be done using OPTG.
Please refer to the manual.
H.-J. Werner
On Fr, 09 Jun 2006, jia zhou wrote:

>I have a Seiko Seiki turbo STP-400 and the STP
>controller, but I can't seem to find the manual for
>them.  If someone has access to the manual or knows
>where to find them, could you please let me know?  My
>email is ophelia314 at yahoo.com
>thank you.
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