[molpro-user] Scratch file complaints on AIX, Solaris

Mikael Johansson mikael.johansson at csc.fi
Wed Jun 21 14:36:17 BST 2006

Hello All!

2006.1 patchlevel 9 (and earlier) always complain about accessing a 
scratch file. On AIX 5.2/xlf 9.1:
1525-024 The OPEN statement cannot be processed because STATUS=SCRATCH was 
coded in the OPEN statement but the file /tmp/kuu-ukko/XlfRtLjypqb is 
already connected to this unit with a different STATUS value.  The program 
will recover by ignoring the STATUS= specifier.

Solaris 9/f90 8.0 automatically reveals the culprit:
  ******  FORTRAN RUN-TIME SYSTEM  ******
  Error 1141:  status is specified and not 'OLD' for connected unit
  Location:  the OPEN statement at line 85 of "prepin.f"
  Unit:  89
  Status:  SCRATCH
Received signal 6 IO trap

Line 85 is:
       open (ixmlprepin,status='scratch',form='FORMATTED')

I assume this is just a cosmetic bug, as the AIX (and Linux) testjobs 
finish properly (Solaris 9 fails half). But perhaps there's an easy fix 
for it, which would make the stderr outputs cleaner :-)

Have a nice day,
     Mikael J. / p. 2934

Mikael Johansson, application specialist, science support, chemistry
CSC - IT Center for Science, P.O. Box 405, FI-02101 Espoo, Finland
Tel.: +358-9-457 2934, www.csc.fi, e-mail: mikael.johansson at csc.fi

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