[molpro-user] molpro on strike

Holger Naundorf naundorf at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 23 10:21:39 BST 2006

as of today our Molpro2002.6 (never change a running system...:)
installation decided to go on strike - and as our license is stil valid
till 2009 I don't know what the cause could be - does 2002.6 have and
'end of live' counter and I have finally to upgrade?

The symptoms are simply:

Running molpro produces no error messages at all, but just an output
file with no calculation at all after the input check is passed:

 MPP nodes  nproc
 panther.chemie.f    1
 ga_uses_ma=true, calling ma_init with heap size        8010000
determined by size of -G / nprocs
 Primary working directories:   
 Secondary working directories: 
 MPP tuning parameters: Latency=    12 Microseconds,   Broadcast speed= 
342 MB/sec
 default implementation of scratch files=df
 Variables initialized (306), CPU time= 0.01 sec
 Default parameters read. Elapsed time= 0.01 sec
 Checking input...
 Variable memory set to    7272727 words,  buffer space   230000 words

 Variable memory released
tmp =
 Creating: host=panther.chemie.fu-berlin.de, user=naundorf,
file=/usr/local/lib/molpro-mpp-Linux-i686-i4-2002.6/molprop_2002_6_i4_amd64_tcgmsg.exe, port=47196



Holger Naundorf

Dr. Holger Naundorf                      naundorf at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Freie Universität Berlin                 FB Biologie, Chemie,Pharmazie
Institut für Chemie                      Phone (++49)(+30)838-55383

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