[molpro-user] defining basis set

H. -J. Werner werner at theochem.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Jun 23 20:40:12 BST 2006

All default specifications should be on one line and separated
by commas. This should work:


If this does not work, please send your input.

H.-J. Werner

On Fr, 23 Jun 2006, William Chua wrote:

>Dear Molpro users,
>I used to have no trouble using this basis set
>definition in ver. 2002.6:
>Now in ver. 2006.1, I cannot seem to use it even if I
>rewrite it in the BASIS....END format. The trouble is
>that it cannot seem to recognize "N9" and "H13"as they
>are in my z-matrix. I don't want all the nitrogen and
>hydrogen atoms to use an extended basis set. Just N9
>and H13.
>How do I do this?
>Best regards,
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