[molpro-user] about parallel execution

Guilherme Fernandes de Souza Miguel guilherme at dirpd.ufu.br
Mon Oct 2 19:57:06 BST 2006

Molpro users,
    i´m trying to run molpro on a mpi environment of 6 machines, but it
is running as multiple serial execution.
my mpi it is working fine, and i think that the problem it´s between
molpro and mpi.
to instance molpro, i´m using mpiexec -n 6 molpro -o test.out test
is it wrong ?? any suggestions ???
thanks anyway ...

Peter Knowles wrote:
> The rpm should just work - why not simply try it?
> Peter
> Guilherme Fernandes de Souza Miguel wrote:
>> Dear molpro Users,
>> I have a doubt about parallel execution of molpro. My situation consists
>> on a mpi cluster running on 3 P4 3.0  Ghz, all of them with 1GB of RAM.
>> What i want to know, is that , if i use the mmp rpm of molpro i´ll run
>> without problems on this mpi cluster, or , if i´ll need to compile the
>> src to my cluster.
>> Thanks anyway,

Guilherme Fernandes de Souza Miguel
Divisao de Redes
Diretoria de Processamento de Dados
Universidade Federal de Uberlandia
+55 34 3239 4296

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