[molpro-user] LICENCE! Password missing on licence token

Aristotle Papakondylis papakondylis at chem.uoa.gr
Fri Dec 14 11:22:09 GMT 2007

I am trying to run for the first time molpro2006.1 on a ia64 cluster 
using mvapich with infiniband. Everything
was ok with installation but when running the program i get the 
following message
!LICENCE! Password missing on licence token
however we have a valid mpp license token already working on other 
machines. Maybe
this license does not support mpi runs. Please, could somebody  give me 
an explanation?
A. Papakondylis

Aristotle Papakondylis
Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
University of Athens
P.O. Box 64004, 15710 Zografou
Athens, Greece
Fax:  (+30210)7274752
e-mail: papakondylis at chem.uoa.gr

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