[molpro-user] Shared Memory & MPI conflict

tapang at barc.gov.in tapang at barc.gov.in
Mon Feb 5 09:51:52 GMT 2007

Dear Molpro Users,

We have compiled Molpro-2006.1 in our linux clusters 
(with two processors per node) using MPI option.
While running using the command, 

/usr/local/molpro/bin/molpro -d /scratch -n4/2:1 -N 
user1:node01:2,user1:node02:2 h2o.com >h2o.out & 

it is giving following error:

-p4pg and -np are mutually exclusive; -np 4 being ignored.
p0_31507: (0.000000) Specified multiple processes sharing memory without 
configuring for shared memory.p0_31507: (0.000000) Check the users manual for 
more information.
p0_31507:  p4_error: read_procgroup: 0
P4 procgroup file is /tmp/procgrp.00031457

Would anyone please let me know what is to be configured?

I have tried many ways, even using mpirun as well as --mpirun-machinefile 
nodefile etc etc, however could not succedd.

With thanks,

Tapan Ghanty


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