[molpro-user] {SPAM}? Unknown directive OPRD for MATROP?

Seth Olsen s.olsen1 at uq.edu.au
Thu Jun 14 08:23:11 BST 2007

Hi Molpro-Users,

Attached please find the output (with input echoed) from a job which 
attempts to implement the improved virtual orbital CAS-CI scheme 
described in (Potts et al., J. Chem Phys.,114,pp.2592-2600).  I have run 
into a problem that I can't solve because the OPRD directive listed in 
47.12 of the manual (under MATROP) is not recognized!  Has the directive 
changed or have I screwed up the syntax in some way?  It's going to be 
hard to form the right projectors to do the job without OPRD, I fear.

By the way, this is definitely a work in progress, so if you've any 
other suggestions, they're welcome.  I'd eventually like to modularize 
the whole thing into a PROC to deploy at will.  All suggestions welcome.


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