[molpro-user] prallel jobs

Guilherme Fernandes de Souza Miguel ak_gfsm at eel.ufu.br
Sun Mar 4 11:19:47 GMT 2007

Hi everybody....
a have a doubt...
i am using the molpro for amd64 version, on 3 amd64 +3500 nodes.
the machines run the job in parallel... but, i need to specify a very 
large -G value, and, a very large amount of memory on the job file.
What i need to know is, i only have 2 Gb of ram on each node, and my 
calculus is stopping asking for more memory. If i run he calculus on 
parallel i will need to have more memory that if i run it on serial mode 
( because of the -G option ) ? if i run in parallel i can reduce the 
amount of memory specified on the job file and use "the rest to -G"? 
will this memory limitation locks me on serial mode ???
thanks a lot...

Guilherme Fernandes de Souza Miguel

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