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Wetmore, Stacey stacey.wetmore at uleth.ca
Tue Mar 13 03:16:01 GMT 2007

Dear Molpro Users,
I am trying to run a CCSD(T) calculation that involves 288 basis functions.  My computer has 8GB of RAM, a 146GB of disk and 8 cores.  I cannot seem to get the calculation to run properly and I suspect that it is because of the way that I am trying to specify the memory.

I have tried adding the "memory" keyword directly into the input file, as well as using the -m flag when running the job (since I am running this interactively anyway).  I noticed that there is also a -G flag.  Can you tell me how to properly specify the correct amount of memory for this job given my available resources?

I greatly appreciate your responses!


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