[molpro-user] Errors in manual: DELT and OPRD

Jutho Haegeman darkgenius4u at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 09:54:29 GMT 2007

Dear Molpro Users,

there seem to be some Molpro keywords which are consistently typed  
erroneous throughout the Molpro manual. I just discovered by pure  
guessing that the correct operator name for the expectation value of  
the delta function, isn't DELT but DELTA. Using "expec,DELT" as for  
example hf-directive leads to an error, just as using  
"load,rho0,OPER,delta" in matrop. Using DELTA instead solves both  

Next up is the "OPRD" directive in matrop, for which I unfortunately  
don't know the correct version, resulting in the error
"Unknown directive OPRD for command MATROP".

Anybody knows this one?

Thanks in advance,

Jutho Haegeman

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