[Molpro-user] Problems compiling 2008.1 on Altix

Andy May MayAJ1 at cardiff.ac.uk
Wed Aug 20 22:22:22 BST 2008


This should only happen if you have specified parallel build, in which 
case the eaf.fh etc. will be resolved from Global Arrays via the mppbase 
option. We chose to do this so Molpro is not tied to a particular 
version of Global Arrays. For serial builds this should not be required. 
Could you send me the CONFIG file to look at?



Shawn T. Brown wrote:
> I am trying to compile the new version 2008.1 that I downloaded from  
> the website.  While compiling in the Molcas directory, I am getting  
> the following error:
> preprocessing eafmod.F
> make[3]: Entering directory `/bessemer/stbrown/default_builds/Pople/ 
> MOLPRO/molpro2008.1/src/Molcas'
> preprocessing eafmod.F
> compiling eafmod.F
> failed
> eafmod.F(22): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> eafmod.F(76): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> eafmod.F(115): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> eafmod.F(182): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> eafmod.F(249): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> eafmod.F(314): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> eafmod.F(376): #error: can't find include file: eaf.fh
> make[3]: *** [eafmod.o] Error 1
> I cannot find the eaf.h or eaf.fh files in any of the directories, but  
> it does exist in the 2006 distribution.  Is something missing?  Is  
> something supposed to be creating these files, because I cannot find  
> anything in the makefiles that indicate it to be.
> Thanks,
> Shawn
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