[Molpro-user] Error installing molpro-2008.1

Luis F. Pacios luis.fpacios at upm.es
Tue Aug 26 12:28:35 BST 2008

Dear Molpro users,

  I had molpro-mpp-2006.1 successfully running on SuseLinux 10.1 which I 
installed using the pre-built binary "molpro-mpp-2006.1-102.p4.rpm".

  I have just tried to install the pre-built binary 
"molpro-mpp-2008.1-3"   (rpm -Uhv molpro-mpp-...) but at the very 
beginning I get this message:

"error: Failed dependencies:
    rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.2-1 is needed by molpro-2008.1-3.x86_64"

   I have RPM version 4.4.2 on. It seems this message tells an older 
version of rpm is needed: does this make sense after having installed 
molpro-2006 with the same RPM version ?

   Has anyone some hint to help me ?

   Thanks to everyone

   Best regards


Luis Fernandez Pacios
Unidad Quimica y Bioquimica,
Dep. Biotecnologia
E.T.S. Ingenieros de Montes
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
E-28040 Madrid, Spain

Tel:   34 913364297
Fax:   34 913366387
Email: luis.fpacios at upm.es

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