[molpro-user] Restarting in parallel machines

Min Seung Kyu min0220 at postech.ac.kr
Tue Jan 8 01:50:03 GMT 2008

Dear users,

I want to restart parallel jobs (CCSD(T) calculation) in AIX machine.

I used 'submp' (in binary distribution) script to submit my jobs:

     submp -n 8 --tasks 2/4 foo...    (Two nodes and total 8 CPUs)

I have no exprience in restarting MOLPRO.

Could you let me know hot to restart in detail? Is it possible to use 
'submp' script?

Best wishes, Min

Center for Superfunctional Materials, Department of Chemistry,
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Mr. Seung Kyu, Min

Ph.D. Candidate

E-Mail: min0220 at postech.ac.kr
Tel.  : 82-54-279-5858

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