[molpro-user] problem with licence token

Dennis Michael dennis at stanford.edu
Tue May 20 18:05:30 BST 2008


This works for me!  Thank you very much.


--On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 10:03 AM +0300 Attila Bende <attlbende at gmail.com> 

> Dear Dennis!
> Somehow I had the same problem when I started to use Molpro
> It seems that the Molpro couldn't able to check correctly the
> .molpro/token licence file content under the given user, only in root
> case.
> I used the global variable definition under Linux.
> under tcsh shell I put in the .cshrc file:
> setenv MOLPRO_KEY "..."  - here you put your token file content.
> Under bash shell somehow is the same statement.
> Good luck.
> Attila

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