[molpro-user] 2008.1 + ifort 10.1 gives ARMCI segfault - RESOLVED

Benj FitzPatrick benjfitz at uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 13 17:50:09 BST 2008

Please disregard this message.  I thought it might be a problem with my shmmax
being set too low, but I've tried various settings and I haven't been able to
replicate the problem since I rebooted.  Perhaps some of my environment
variables weren't set properly after I installed ifort.

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>Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 15:08:04 -0500 (CDT)
>From: Benj FitzPatrick <benjfitz at uchicago.edu>  
>Subject: [molpro-user] 2008.1 + ifort 10.1 gives ARMCI segfault  
>To: molpro-user at molpro.net
>I compiled 2008.1 successfully with pathscale.  However, when I compile it with
>ifort 10.1.018 the compilation works fine, but molpro dies with the following
>0:Segmentation Violation error, status=: 11
>Last System Error Message from Task 0:: Inappropriate ioctl for device
>  0: ARMCI aborting 11 (0xb).
>system error message: Inappropriate ioctl for device
>  1: interrupt(1)
>WaitAll: No children or error in wait?
>I have attached my config file.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>Benj FitzPatrick
>University of Chicago
>CONFIG (4k bytes)
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