[Molpro-user] 64.f?

Glen Jenness grj3+ at pitt.edu
Thu Sep 18 15:43:57 BST 2008

Dear users,
I'm compiling Molpro2006 on some new Xeon computers with the Intel
compiler (using 64bit MKL libraries), yet compilation keeps failing with
it saying:

link date: 15 Sep 2008 15:46:29 ; version: 2006.1
Patch level: 160
64.f: compiling ... failed:
/opt/intel/fce/10.1.018/bin/ifort -pc 64 -auto -autodouble -Vaxlib -i8 -c
-I./global -w -O3 64.f
fortcom: Severe: No such file or directory
... file is '64.f'
compilation aborted for 64.f (code 1)
link failed
cat: /usr/local/molpro2006.1/bin/molpros_2006_1_i8_x86_64.exe.log: No such
file or directory
make: *** [bin/molpros_2006_1_i8_x86_64.exe] Error 1

What is this 64.f file?  I can't seem to find any mention of it.


Glen Jenness

Jordan Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh

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