[molpro-user] installation problems

Vitaliy V. Koval smit at ipoc.rsu.ru
Wed Apr 1 14:43:19 BST 2009

Hello, Kevin.

You may try to install molpro2008.1 with GA over TCGMSG without mpi.
Or you may try to use mvapich-1.1 instead mpich.

With best wishes,

On Mon, 30 Mar 2009, kevin wrote:

> Hi, molpro users,
> I met a problem when i install molpro2008.1 on a intel em64t cluster
> with infiniband.
> Because there is no VAPI interface there only is udapl during compile GA.
> So i can not using the infiband, just using Tcp/Ip net.
> I compile GA using Ifort10.1, mkl10.1 and mpich1.2.5 on the Redhat5.1 OS,
> and molpro2008.1 using the same compiler.
> All the things fine during compilation,
> but the error was met after tuning step.
> It shows:
> Optimizing tuning parameters...
> [cli_0]: aborting job:
> Fatal error in MPI_Errhandler_set: Invalid communicator, error stack:
> MPI_Errhandler_set(117): MPI_Errhandler_set(comm=0x5b, errh=0x78) failed
> MPI_Errhandler_set(68).: Invalid communicator
> rank 0 in job 48  LB270210_33261   caused collective abort of all ranks
>  exit status of rank 0: return code 13
> Tuning finished
> Anyone can give me some advice?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kevin
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