[molpro-user] compiling Molpro 2008.1 in a Cray XD1 Machine

Andy May MayAJ1 at cardiff.ac.uk
Wed Apr 15 16:09:08 BST 2009


We have never tried or tested Molpro on the XD1. However, I wrote to
Cray and they confirmed that the system is basically a normal
Linux/x86_64 system so it should be possible to build and run Molpro. I
would suggest to try and build, and then write back if you encounter any

Best wishes,


Cesar C. Díaz-Torrejón wrote:
> Dear All:
> Some body have experience compiling Molpro 2008.1 in a Cray XD1 machine 
> using PGI compilers.
> The Cray XD1 have our GA libraries precompiled
> Thanks
> C.C.Díaz

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