[molpro-user] Output type instead of speed of processor

Andy May MayAJ1 at cardiff.ac.uk
Tue Dec 8 21:45:36 GMT 2009

To close the thread, copied below is the relevant part of an email I
sent to Reuti.

Best wishes,


The output of processor speed, as you point out, can be misleading on
multi-core systems. Actually, most systems now have power-saving enabled
which means the value Molpro obtains is likely to be a snapshot only.
Couple this with other factors, like the file-system type for scratch
(eg, local, nfs, lustre) and interconnect type/speed for multi-node jobs
and we see that the CPU output on it's own is not terribly useful.

Therefore, the CPU line of output will be removed from the regular
output stream, although it will still be available in the XML stream. We
now, even for serial jobs, supply the node/host name where the job was
run, so anyone doing performance calculations can find accurate
information about all of the factors I mention above after the job has

On 03/12/09 14:31, Reuti wrote:
> Hi,
> in the output a line is included like:
> cpu       : Opteron 800.000 MHz
> I assume this is just the first entry Molpro finds in /proc/cpuinfo  
> (as mentioned in "src/util/sysinfo.c"), as the kernel scheduler might  
> put the process on any of the cores in a Quad-Core. Is it an RFE to  
> output the CPU type instead, i.e. Opteron 2384.
> This means, the mangle in "src/util/syscon.f" shouldn't be done.
> -- Reuti
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