[molpro-user] {SPAM}? Molpro2008.1 compilation

DOGNON Jean-Pierre jean-pierre.dognon at cea.fr
Tue Feb 10 13:11:33 GMT 2009

Dear Molpro Users,
I try to compile molpro2008.1 with intel ifort and icc compiler, MKL Library
(AMD Opteron infiniband cluster). GA 4.1.1 was compiled ant tested
successfully with the same compilers and Open MPI (infiniband).
I obtained the following errors at make process:
preprocessing cclocal.f
compiling cclocal.f
preprocessing geminal.f
compiling geminal.f

: catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: internal abort** Please
report this error along with the circumstances in which it occurred in a
Software Problem Report.  Note: File and line given may not be explicit
cause of this error.
in file geminal.f, line 2348, column 17

compilation aborted for geminal.f (code 3)
make[3]: *** [geminal.o] Error 1
make[3]: Target `ccmp2_gem.o' not remade because of errors.
preprocessing ccmp2_loc3.f
compiling ccmp2_loc3.f
preprocessing ccmp2_loc.f
compiling ccmp2_loc.f
preprocessing ccmp2_select.f
compiling ccmp2_select.f
preprocessing ccmp2_ucc_loc.f
compiling ccmp2_ucc_loc.f
preprocessing ccpri_loc.f
compiling ccpri_loc.f
preprocessing ccsd_loc.f
compiling ccsd_loc.f
preprocessing ri_lmp2g.f
compiling ri_lmp2g.f
preprocessing cftrans_loc.f
compiling cftrans_loc.f
preprocessing cp_dom.f
compiling cp_dom.f
preprocessing df_aux_eom.f
compiling df_aux_eom.f
preprocessing df_cis.f
compiling df_cis.f
preprocessing df_lcc2_fock.f
compiling df_lcc2_fock.f
preprocessing df_lcc2g.f
compiling df_lcc2g.f
preprocessing df_lcc2lr_transmom.f
compiling df_lcc2lr_transmom.f
preprocessing df_lcc2_prop.f
compiling df_lcc2_prop.f
preprocessing df_lcc2_V1.f
compiling df_lcc2_V1.f
preprocessing laplace_MP2.f
compiling laplace_MP2.f
preprocessing df_llmp2.f
compiling df_llmp2.f
preprocessing dftrans_lcc2.f
compiling dftrans_lcc2.f
preprocessing dftrans_lccsd.f
compiling dftrans_lccsd.f
preprocessing dftrans_lmp2.f
compiling dftrans_lmp2.f
preprocessing dftrans_lmp2_r12.f
compiling dftrans_lmp2_r12.f
preprocessing sav3ext_cen.f
compiling sav3ext_cen.f
preprocessing drv_34ext_loc.f
compiling drv_34ext_loc.f
preprocessing enepart.f
compiling enepart.f
preprocessing eomdomain.f
compiling eomdomain.f
preprocessing eomdom_unify.f
compiling eomdom_unify.f
preprocessing fitmltp.f
compiling fitmltp.f
make[3]: Target `gemctl_drv.o' not remade because of errors.
preprocessing ri_lcc.f
compiling ri_lcc.f
preprocessing rib_lcc.f
compiling rib_lcc.f
preprocessing kext_4ext.f
compiling kext_4ext.f
preprocessing kijmltp.f
compiling kijmltp.f
preprocessing lmo_symmetry.f
compiling lmo_symmetry.f
preprocessing locorb.f
compiling locorb.f
preprocessing luccsd_util.f
compiling luccsd_util.f
preprocessing mergedom.f
compiling mergedom.f
preprocessing minim_func.f
compiling minim_func.f
preprocessing mltexp.f
compiling mltexp.f
preprocessing mltops.f
compiling mltops.f
preprocessing multidom.f
compiling multidom.f
preprocessing mxmadd.f
compiling mxmadd.f
preprocessing nkext4ext.f
compiling nkext4ext.f
preprocessing opdom.f
compiling opdom.f
preprocessing orbbatch.f
compiling orbbatch.f
preprocessing orbdom.f
compiling orbdom.f
preprocessing pairdom.f
compiling pairdom.f
preprocessing project.f
compiling project.f
preprocessing r12dom.f
compiling r12dom.f
preprocessing region.f
compiling region.f
preprocessing rilmp2g.f
compiling rilmp2g.f
preprocessing risum_r12.f
compiling risum_r12.f
preprocessing rmp2_loc.f
compiling rmp2_loc.f
preprocessing schwarz.f
compiling schwarz.f
preprocessing spinpro_loc.f
compiling spinpro_loc.f
make[3]: Leaving directory
make[2]: *** [objects] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: *** [local] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [src] Error 2

Does somebody have an idea?
Many thanks in advance,
Best regards
Jean-Pierre Dognon
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