[molpro-user] Make and symlinks / hardlinks

Łukasz Rajchel lrajchel1981 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 04:52:09 BST 2009

Dear Molpro Users,

I'm currently writing my own extension to Molpro and since I have a  
few Molpro versions and I don't want to bother to copy the source  
files each time I make some changes, I decided to create one directory  
where I keep my files (*.f90), say ~/my-source, and then I create  
symlinks to this directory contents in all Molpro versions I have, e.g.:

ln -s ~/my-source/* ~/molpro-dev/one_of_the_many_molpro_versions/src/ 

so my files appear as symlinks in src/util directory of Molpro  
versions. This hase some advatnages, as all the changes I've made to  
my code are visible to all Molpro versions on the spot. However, when  
I actually compile any Molpro version, e.g.:

cd ~/molpro-dev/one_of_the_many_molpro_versions
make -j2

then it turns out that all the symlinks have actually been destroyed  
and replaced by the actual files. This also applies to hardlinks  
(using ln without -s flag). I've had a quick look at the Molpro code  
and the culprit for that seems to be the /bin/ftn file, but I'm not  
sure if it's so.

I'd really appreciate any help on that matter.

Thank you all in advance for your kind answers.

Łukasz Rajchel
Quantum Chemistry Laboratory
Warsaw University

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