[molpro-user] [idris.fr #2450] Molpro input error (maxiter directive)

Patrick Corde Patrick.Corde at idris.fr
Tue Mar 10 12:37:05 GMT 2009


 One of our users has encountered an input Molpro error about MAXITER 
 I am not a specialist of this product, so I contact you to submit this 
 It's probably an user's syntax error. The version of Molpro which runs 
at IDRIS is
 the 2006.1 version.

 Please find in attached file the list of input directives .

 This user got an error message such that :

 Variables initialized (517), CPU time=  .00 sec
 Commands  initialized (293), CPU time=  .01 sec, 434 directives.
 Default parameters read. Elapsed time=  .30 sec
 Checking input...

 Unknown command or directive MAXITER

 Unknown command or directive MAXITER

 GA ERROR checkinp on processor   0

  Could you help us?

  Thanks in advance.

   Patrick CORDE

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