[molpro-user] Too many operator domains during LCCSD calculation

cwang at mappi.helsinki.fi cwang at mappi.helsinki.fi
Sun May 10 21:30:05 BST 2009

Dear Bende!

   Many thanks for your reply.....

   When using your input, unfortunately the output file terminates at

  idoma too small in merge_dom. Increase mxdomo

  GA ERROR fehler on processor   0

maybe I have to follow the suggestion from Mitrushchenkov, modify the  
source code and recompile molpro...

Best regards
Cong Wang

Department of Chemistry
Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish
University of Helsinki
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P.O. Box 55
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Quoting "Attila Bende" <attlbende at gmail.com>:

> Dear Wang!
> Using the cc-pVTZ basis set for the Phenothyazine dimer I got the same error.
> I found that the aromatic rings are not properly took into account.
> So, you have to use MERGEDOM keyword
> I use this:
> {locali,pipek
> pipek,method=3}
> {df-lmp2,df_basis=vtz,npasel=0.03,locmethod=3,mergedom=2}
> Maybe it helps you
> Attila
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