[molpro-user] no convergence in dis1

Wafaa M. Fawzy wafaa.fawzy at murraystate.edu
Sun May 17 15:45:06 BST 2009

Hi All, 
I had an optimization run using CCSD(T)/aug-cc-pVQZ level of calcultion and the nocheck option as 
startcmd=hf ! 
optg, gradient=1.d-5 
The calculation was terminated normally after 4 optimizations. However, I get the following after 
each optimization: 
Starting numerical gradient for UCCSD(T) 
Numerical gradient completed. CPU-time: 18535.27 sec, Elapsed: 18593.44 sec 
Allow Hydrogens! 
no convergence in dis1, ss= Inf 
no convergence in dis1, ss= Inf 

Does anyone knows what the above no convergence message means? 
Thank you so much for your assistance, Wafaa

Wafaa M. Fawzy
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Department of Chemistry
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