[molpro-user] molpro installation problem

Jussi Eloranta jmeloranta at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 00:51:56 GMT 2010


I have problems getting molpro-mpp-2009.1-20.Linux_x86_64 to run
on Fedora 12 (64 bit). It was running happily earlier until I had to do 
reinstall of the system. Now I am getting the following error message
each time I try to start molpro:

tmp = /home/eloranta/pdir//local/bin/molprop_2009_1_Linux_x86_64_i8.exe.p
  Creating: host=xxx.xxx.edu, user=eloranta,
            file=/local/bin/molprop_2009_1_Linux_x86_64_i8.exe, port=42947
/local/bin/molprop_2009_1_Linux_x86_64_i8.exe, len=45
   test.com, len=8
    -master, len=7
xxxx.xxx.edu, len=14
      42947, len=5
          1, len=1
          1, len=1
          0, len=1
          0, len=1
   0: TcpNoDelay: getprotobyname on TCP failed! -1 (0xffffffffffffffff).
   0: TcpNoDelay: getprotobyname on TCP failed! -1 (0xffffffffffffffff).
system error message: Bad file descriptor
   1: interrupt(1)

(xxx = host name that I edited out)

This is a clean install of the system as well as molpro. Everything else 
works just fine.
Any ideas?

Jussi Eloranta
Cal State Northridge

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