[molpro-user] Problem

luca_moscardini at virgilio.it luca_moscardini at virgilio.it
Sat Mar 6 09:50:53 GMT 2010

 Dear Sirs
I have installed Molpro trial Binaries (molpro-mpp-2009.1-20.Linux_i686.sh) on a Pentium machine running Linux Fedora 12. Installation ended successfully. But when I run molpro I get the following output:

tmp = /root/pdir//usr/local/bin/molprop_2009_1_Linux_i686_i4.exe.p
 Creating: host=mobile.localdomain, user=luca,
           file=/usr/local/bin/molprop_2009_1_Linux_i686_i4.exe, port=58895
/usr/local/bin/molprop_2009_1_Linux_i686_i4.exe, len=47
   -master, len=7
 localhost, len=9
     58895, len=5
         1, len=1
         1, len=1
         0, len=1
         0, len=1
  0: TcpNoDelay: getprotobyname on TCP failed! -1 (0xffffffff).
  0: TcpNoDelay: getprotobyname on TCP failed! -1 (0xffffffff).
system error message: Bad file descriptor
  1: interrupt(1)

If anybody can help me I really appreciate. Best Regards
Luca Moscardini
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