[molpro-user] mppx binary version ?

Falk Richter falk.richter at univ-pau.fr
Wed Apr 27 13:08:19 BST 2011


Is there any way to get an mppx version running if one
has only access to precompiled binaries ?

1. I guess I have no access to the sources since they didn'y show up
in the download section, though this restriction is nowhere clearly
marked on the license agreement etc. which I heritated from the guy who 
was responsible bevor he left.
2. the only precompiled parallel version is mpp. Maybe mppx is included 
in mpp ? But I guess no.

It is really a pain to send a numerical gradient calculation without 
exploiding the trivial complete parallelism of this task.

Thanks for help

Falk Richter

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