[molpro-user] problem in running molpro reg

Rajagopala Reddy seelam srgreddyseelam at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jan 25 09:21:51 GMT 2011

Dear Molpro dealers and users,

I installed it in main node and 8 nodes of our cluster. I also succeeded in testing the
code with option make test. All these are done as a superuser.Now when I submit a job 
 a user the job is running in main node. But in the nodes the job is not
 completing. It running up to the initialization, then prompting a 

 [1]+  Stopped                 molpro test.com

I think these are some permission problems. I observed the following
difference between the outputs generated for the same input in mother
node and node1.

ga_uses_ma=false, calling ma_init with nominal heap.
 GA-space will be limited to   8.0 MW (determined by -G option)

Here with I am attaching an output generated by a molpro job in node1
How to rectify the
Thank you

                                                                 S.Rajagopala Reddy
                                                                                      Prof.Mahapatra lab
                                                                                      School of Chemistry
                                                                                  University of Hyderabad

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