[molpro-user] creating an xyz input file for molpro.

diwaker kumar diwakerphysics at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 05:31:33 GMT 2012

Dear molpro users,

 I am a  beginner to the molpro software and after going through quick
start molpro manual ,i am a not able to understand how we can give the
input to molpro in cartesian coordinates  like it was given in the
quick start manual( i.e 4.1 geometry specification)   example for
formaldehyde  where the the input is in XYZ format. i would like to
thank if any body can help me in understanding this input format.

yours sincerely
Research Scholar
School of Basic sciences
Indian Institute of technology Mandi(H.P)
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diwakerphysics at gmail.com
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