[molpro-user] Tuning Error during Molpro Installation

bhargava anusuri bhargava.anusuri at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 13:14:49 BST 2012

Dear Molpro users,
                           I am trying to install Molpro2010.1.nightly.
While tuning I got the following error message.

Running job tuning.com
 ? Error
 ? process_options
 ? The problem occurs in unable to determine molpro_key
At line 14 of file flush6.F90 (unit = 6, file = '')
Fortran runtime error: File 'tuning.out' does not exist
<error type="Error" location="unable to determine molpro_key"
**** PROBLEMS WITH JOB tuning.com
tuning.com: ERRORS DETECTED: non-zero return code ... inspect output
**** For further information, look in the output file
**** /home/bhargav/Downloads/Molpro/tuning.errout
Tuning finished

Tuning Parameters added to /home/bhargav/Downloads/Molpro/lib/tuning.rc
For details see /home/bhargav/Downloads/Molpro/tuning.out

The tuning.out file contains the message, "ERRORS DETECTED: non-zero return
code ... inspect output".

Any help is highly appreciated.

C/O Prof. Sanjay Kumar,
IIT Madras,
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