[molpro-user] Error: too many records

Martin Ratschek martin.ratschek at tugraz.at
Wed May 23 10:51:32 BST 2012

Dear Molpro Users,

I recently encountered the following error during a calculation of
excited states of a single atom:

 More than                    200  records on file                      8
 ? Error
 ? Too many records
 ? The problem occurs in reservem

 GLOBAL ERROR fehler on processor   0 

I found references regarding this error in the molpro mailing-list archive:


but without a solution except, that there might be a problem at compile/configuration level (see second link).
I am using the binary version (Version 2010.1 linked 15 Sep 2011).

Is there a solution to this problem?

If required, I am happy to provide the input and output file.

Best regards!
Martin Ratschek

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