[molpro-user] strategy for MCSCF excited state geometry optimization

Hrusak Jan hrusak at kav.cas.cz
Fri Jun 7 13:09:58 BST 2013

Hi all,
I need to get information on relatively high lying excited state of a polyatomic system for a large range of structural changes. At the dissociation limit the exit/entry channel is cca 6 eV above the  low energy sytem. There are 14 electronic states below this state of interest. I started some MCSCF calculation, however, the fully dimensional energy scan escapes my computer resources availability and thus, I decided to do relaxed scan supported by chemical intuition (some reasonable PES cuts). For these calculations I use the sequence

   {MULTI;                                                                       ! MCSCF for geometry optimization

followed by the "opt" command, and by the final energy evaluation for the corresponding 15 (19) states. Unfortunately, the geometry difference between the 1th and 15th states is sizable and thus, I would like to repeat the calculations at the geometry of the respective state 15. Just mechanically  modifying the input above (state=15.1) doesn't work and it leads to convergence problems in the CPMCSCF calculations.  Also some other modifications failed.

What would be the proper strategy to do the desired calculation? Any suggestions are very welcome.

Jan Hrusak

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