[molpro-user] MP2 Calculations - Does Molpro freeze the core electrons for the MP2 method?

Brian Napolion brian_napolion at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 15:43:53 BST 2013

Hello forum,
I have run into a issue with MP2 calculations, and I wonder how this method is implemented in Molpro program.

I need to know if the default in Molpro for MP2 (or other MPn methods) calculations use  the frozen-core approximation, or are all the electrons correlated.

I know the default for restricted-open shell CCSD(T) is frozen core.
I have not  yet run a MP2 calculation (due to the long wait in the que of my computing resources)

If the default is not frozen core, I assume you apply the ACTIVE directive to specify what orbitals are dropped from correlation. 

I looked at the Molpro manual and did not get a sure answer. 
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this.
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