[molpro-user] questions on -d option and RCCSD(T)-F12

Falcetta, Michael F. MFFalcetta at gcc.edu
Wed Oct 16 19:54:56 BST 2013


I am running a molpro calculation on a radical anion and want to do a CCSD(T)-F12 calculation and it is turning out to be a bit large using the UCCSD(T)-F12 option.  I was wondering whether the RCCSD(T)-F12 calculation would reduce the scratch file demands.

Also, The system on which I am running is geared to use as much RAM as possible for the scratch directory  ( NOT the memory for the calculation, but using a RAMDISK for the scratch area to speed up I/O), but the calculation gets too big.  If I specify two directories with the -d option in the molpro call, will the program automatically switch to the second directory once it uses all the available space on the ramdisk - or is there a way to tell the program how large it should allow anything to grow on that ramdisk?

Basically the computer tells me I am out of memory, but not because of the actual memory use by the -m option, but because the remaining memory, being used for the ramdisk scratch area gets too large.

Any help on either count is appreciated.


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