[molpro-user] Regarding installtion of MOLPRO(patch 34)

Bhargava Anusuri bhargava.anusuri at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 09:44:31 GMT 2014

Dear all,
            I got the following error msg with the command ./configure
-batch -gcc -gfortran. The solutions from earlier post were not much help.

machine type recognized as x86_64 (Generic 64-bit)
kernel recognized as Linux

user request compiler gfortran
GNU Fortran Compiler, Version 4.7.2

user request compiler gcc
GNU Compiler Collection, Version 4.7.2
which: no g++ in



unable to link with parse object using:

/usr/bin/gfortran  -fdefault-integer-8 -fdefault-real-8 -fdefault-double-8
-fmax-identifier-length=31 -fno-whole-file -Waliasing -Wampersand
-Wcharacter-truncation -Wconversion -Wintrinsic-shadow -Wintrinsics-std
-Wline-truncation -Wno-tabs -Wreal-q-constant -Wsurprising -Wunderflow
-Wuninitialized -Wno-maybe-uninitialized  -O0
-L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/4.7.2 -lstdc++

Please check the compiler is working, flags are correct and all libraries
are present

failed to determine PARSE

Result so far of configure written to CONFIG.errout
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