[molpro-user] Fwd: CCSD(T) running time

Quan Phung manhquank9 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 15:55:23 GMT 2014

Dear Molpro users,

Currently, I'm doing very large R-CCSD(T) calculations (with about 600
basis functions).
Based on my experience from other similar systems, I know that the
calculation will
take place at least 30 days. After running about 20 days, I noticed that
the system reported
the running time as a negative number -5965423h-14:-8, and it is just
hanging there (using htop or top). The processors are still running but I'm
not sure if the calculations continue or not.
Or is this a bug of molpro?
I need an advice: should I kill the job or let it there?

This is the screenshot of htop.

Best regards,
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