[molpro-user] input for mixed isotopes ?

Peterson, Kirk kipeters at wsu.edu
Wed Oct 1 08:46:56 BST 2014

Hi Karl,

I think it is as simple as giving each element a unique label, e.g., for HDO :


H1 1 r
H2 1 r 2 theta}

best wishes,


On Sep 30, 2014, at 8:05 PM, Irikura, Karl K. Dr. <karl.irikura at nist.gov<mailto:karl.irikura at nist.gov>> wrote:


I’m interested in the VSCF (and post-) features.  Some experiments are available for CH2D2.  I see how to specify CD4 (below), but I can’t figure out how to specify different isotopes for atoms of the same element.  I would be grateful for an example, e.g. for HDO or something simple.


Thanks for any help,

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