[molpro-user] Molpro Installation Error

Bijit Mukherjee stbm at iacs.res.in
Thu Jan 21 06:55:17 CET 2016

Dear Molpro User and Developers:

I was trying to install Molpro version 2012.1 but yet to get success!
As off now I have done below mentioned task:

As per installation guide I installed below packages as pre-requisites
1. gcc-c++
2. gcc-gfortran
3. libxml2-devel
4. make
5. blas-devel
6. lapack-devel

After that at the time of Global Array 5.3 installation I got an error like
"could not determine the c compiler
wrapped by MPI"
So I installed openmpi 1.10.1 as a alternate of Global Array.
Then I triggered the command ./configure sitting at /home/user/molpro and
the error shown like
"./configure: line 4095: cd: tools/build: No such file or directory
Could anybody help me out the situation!

Thanks in advance
Bijit Mukherjee
Junior Research Fellow
Indian Association for the Cultivation
of Science, India
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