[molpro-user] If the MS-CASPT2 energy is reasonable with the situation that a problem occurs in cipro?

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Mon Feb 5 06:45:24 CET 2018

Dear Molpro's user
I ran a MS-CASPT2 calculation with the shift of 0.2. After all the MS-CASPT2 energies are printed out, the program error terminated at the calculation of the  !RSPT overlap and  !RSPT trans.
The last of the output file is "
!RSPT overlap         <15.3||14.3>    -0.000071366708

 !RSPT trans        <15.3|DMZ|14.3>     0.014835448938 au =     0.037705480311 Debye

 ? Error
 ? No convergence. This error exit can be avoided using the NOCHECK option
 ? The problem occurs in cipro

What meaning is the suggestion? 
And I wonder if the calculated MS-CASPT2 is reasonable in this calcuation?
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