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 Molpro basis library dgauss_a2_xfit (DGauss A2 DFT Exchange Fitting)
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  Literature Citation
Elements                             References                               
--------                             ----------                               
H - Xe: N. Godbout, D. R. Salahub, J. Andzelm, and E. Wimmer, Can. J. Chem. 70
        560 (1992). DGauss basis sets provided courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.

 HYDROGEN     (4s,1p,1d)                                        

 HELIUM       (4s,1p,1d)                                        

 LITHIUM      (7s,2p,1d)                                        

 BERYLLIUM    (7s,2p,1d)                                        

 BORON        (8s,4p,4d)                                        

 CARBON       (8s,4p,4d)                                        

 NITROGEN     (8s,4p,4d)                                        

 OXYGEN       (8s,4p,4d)                                        

 FLUORINE     (8s,4p,4d)                                        

 NEON         (8s,4p,4d)                                        

 SODIUM       (9s,4p,3d)                                        

 MAGNESIUM    (9s,4p,3d)                                        

 ALUMINUM     (9s,4p,4d)                                        

 SILICON      (9s,4p,4d)                                        

 PHOSPHORUS   (9s,4p,4d)                                        

 SULFUR       (9s,4p,4d)                                        

 CHLORINE     (9s,4p,4d)                                        

 ARGON        (9s,4p,4d)                                        

 POTASSIUM    (10s,5p,4d)                                       

 CALCIUM      (10s,5p,4d)                                       

 SCANDIUM     (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 TITANIUM     (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 VANADIUM     (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 CHROMIUM     (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 MANGANESE    (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 IRON         (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 COBALT       (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 NICKEL       (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 COPPER       (10s,5p,5d)                                       

 ZINC         (10s,5p,5d)