Please refer to the product catalogue for the various licence types available. There is also the possibility to try Molpro via a free trial.

Ordering information

In order to get a quotation or make an order, please, if you do not already have one, first create a new account to register your name, email address and invoice address details. You will then be able to request a quotation, and subsequently make an order, directly on the web site. In case of any claim for an upgrade discount, please enter this in the text box on the quotation/order request form. For orders from European Union countries, excluding Germany, your VAT number needs to be entered on the registration form, and VAT will not be charged under the Reverse Charge mechanism. For orders from Germany, VAT will be charged, and the VAT registration number is not necessary. For other countries, we will not charge sales tax, but you are responsible for discharging any tax responsibilities.

For queries that are complex, please feel free to write to us at

Alternatively, orders may be placed through a designated reseller.

Delivery of the software is entirely electronic using email and file transfer, and therefore it is not necessary to specify shipping instructions.

When the order is received, an invoice will be issued, and access to the software granted, with email notification to the nominated contact. In the first instance, temporary licence tokens that are valid for 30 days are created, and when payment is received, permanent replacements are issued.

We aim to process orders as quickly as possible, and in most cases this is achieved within three working days.