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  Literature Citation
Elements                             References                               
--------                             ----------                               
H:         K.A. Peterson, D.E. Woon and T. H. Dunning, Jr., (to be published).
B - Ne:    A. K. Wilson, T. v. Mourik and T. H. Dunning, Jr., J. Mol. Struct. 
           (THEOCHEM) 388, 339 (1997).                                        
As:        D. Feller, M. Vasiliu, D.J. Grant and D.A. Dixon, J. Phys. Chem. A
           115, 14667 (2011).

Elements                             References                               
--------                             ---------                                
H    :  K.A. Peterson, D.E. Woon (unpublished)                                
B - O:  A.K. Wilson, T. van Mourik and T.H. Dunning, Jr. (to be published)    

 HYDROGEN     (10s,5p,4d,3f,2g,1h) -> [6s,5p,4d,3f,2g,1h]       
 HYDROGEN     (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h)                               

 HELIUM       (10s,5p,4d,3f,2g,1h) -> [6s,5p,4d,3f,2g,1h]       
 HELIUM       (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h)                               

 BORON        (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 BORON        (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 CARBON       (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 CARBON       (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 NITROGEN     (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 NITROGEN     (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 OXYGEN       (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 OXYGEN       (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 FLUORINE     (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 FLUORINE     (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 NEON         (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 NEON         (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            
 ALUMINUM     (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 SILICON      (21s,14p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [8s,7p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 SILICON      (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 PHOSPHORUS   (21s,14p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [8s,7p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 PHOSPHORUS   (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 SULFUR       (21s,14p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [8s,7p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 SULFUR       (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 CHLORINE     (21s,14p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [8s,7p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 CHLORINE     (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            

 ARGON        (21s,14p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [8s,7p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 ARGON        (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)                            
 ARSENIC      (30s,18p,14d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [9s,8p,6d,4f,3g,2h,1i]
 ARSENIC      (1s,1p,1d,1f,1g,1h,1i)