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  Literature Citation
Elements                             References                               
--------                             ----------                               
H:         T. H. Dunning, Jr., (to be published).                             
C:         A.D. Pradhan, H. Partridge and C.W. Bauschlicher, Jr., J. Chem.    
           Phys. 101, 3857 (1994) with correction to the p set.               
O:         (s,p) set from H. Partridge, (d,f,g) from T.H. Dunning, Jr.,       
           (h,i) from D. Feller.                                              
N:         C.W. Bauschlicher, Jr. and H. Partridge, J. Chem. Phys. 100,       
           4329 (1994).                                                       

 HYDROGEN     (10s,5p,4d,3f,2g,1h) -> [6s,5p,4d,3f,2g,1h]       

 CARBON       (16s,11p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]

 NITROGEN     (16s,11p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]

 OXYGEN       (16s,10p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i) -> [7s,6p,5d,4f,3g,2h,1i]