Molpro licences do not formally include support, but the Molpro team does its best to make the installation of Molpro as simple as possible, and to help if any technical problems are encountered. All bug fixes and updates are made freely available for the licensed program version. Major upgrades (new versions) are released every 2-3 years, and existing licences can then be upgraded at reduced fees.

Molpro users help each other via the user forum. Bugs should be reported to Molpro maintains a bug tracking system, and the reporters of bugs are automatically informed about bug fixes. To fix bugs, usually the input and the structure of the molecule is necessary. When a bug report is sent, then the user consents that the input and structure may be disclosed on the bug tracking system.

The Molpro team constantly works on improving and extending the functionality and documentation of the program. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome and should be sent to