Intel fortran compiler and molpro

Paulo E. Abreu qtabreu at
Fri Nov 16 10:32:02 GMT 2001


I just want to point out that intel fortran compiler(ifc) is free for 
personal/academia use and that portland's pgf90 isnt free at all (IMHO 
compilers for linux are really expensive pieces of software). As there 
isnt a GNU fortran 90 compiler yet (well g95 is coming along quite 
nicely but who knows when it will be finished ?) I think that the molpro 
team should try to support ifc, as it will be the choice for the 
majority of linux users needing a fortran 77/90/95 compiler. As a final 
remark : intel also provides optimized version of blas and lapack 
libraries (math kernel libraries MKL) for linux.
This was without doubt a smart move from Intel providing linux users 
with a fortran compiler for free!
In respect to the problem that Elmar reported maybe its just a 
compiler's switch needed (-posixlib or something). If he cares to post a 
patch/details of his changes to molpro I will be willing to help and 
track down the problem.
Just my personal opinion ...
Paulo E. Abreu

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