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Dr. Pablo Wessig pablo.wessig at
Sat Sep 15 11:43:37 BST 2001

Dear MOLPRO users,
we are runnning MOLPRO with Linux (Suse 7.2) and we have serious problems
with large CAS jobs. The jobs always die with a message like:

wrabsf: Error in writing to file T1100000605.TMP (unit 11), 8192 words at
word offset 268431360

It is still enought disk space available but it seems that MOLPRO cannot
create files > 2 GB !
The output of the 'ulimit -a' command is:

core file size (blocks)     0
data seg size (kbytes)      unlimited
file size (blocks)          unlimited
max locked memory (kbytes)  unlimited
max memory size (kbytes)    unlimited
open files                  1024
pipe size (512 bytes)       8
stack size (kbytes)         unlimited
cpu time (seconds)          unlimited
max user processes          8190
virtual memory (kbytes)     unlimited

Obviously, there is no limit of the file size. Does anybody know what is
the reason of this strange behavior? Is it possible that there is a "hard
limit" of max. file size in the linux kernel? Unfortunately, I have not
found any appropriate option.

Very thanks for any help


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