Largefile support

Endo Yasuki endo at
Thu Dec 19 07:05:49 GMT 2002

Dear Molpro users

The downloaded version of Molpro 2002.3 successfully supports the Largefiles
where we can calculate large jobs.
However, after applying all the patches so far released, we are unable to
calculate large jobs.
On one machine, the compiled version simply runs as if no Largefile option
is set, and
on another machine, we get a segmentation violation error.
Is there any suggestion which of the patches applied is responsible for that

We are using athlon systems, with IFC6.0, on RedHat Linux 7.3/8.0 with
kernel 2.4.18.
Gcc version used is 2.96 or 3.2.  Both of the versions of linux and gcc gave
the same

Thank you for your help.

Yasuki Endo

遠藤 泰樹
     相関基礎 tel. 46748,  46766
          fax 46721
          room 16-702B
          e-mail  endo at

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