large files under RedHat 7.2

Elmar Gerwalin elg at
Fri Feb 22 18:07:18 GMT 2002

Hello !

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Gershom (Jan M.L.) Martin wrote:

> a Linux newbie question perhaps:
> we have RedHat 7.2 installed, which is supposed to have support for large
> files (>2 GB) built in. Yet all my attempts to get MOLPRO (or anything
> else) to deal with files >2 GB have met with complete failure.
> Is there something terribly obvious that I am overlooking? Does the large
> file  support require recompiling the RedHat kernel, and if yes, with what
> options?
> I know this technically isn't a MOLPRO question, but if anybody would have
> run into this problem before and solved it, he/she is likely to be on this
> list.

You have to:

- your kernel shouldn't be too old, 2.4.x  should be o.k.
- use ext2 fs (not reiserfs) on that filesystem !
- compile molpro with largefile-support:
  - in molpro2002 configure checks that,
  - in earlier versions you might have to modify the CONFIG file after
     doing "configure" like that:
     CC="cc -Dpgf90 -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE"
     CDEF="-DSEEK=.001 -DSPEED=200000   -DLARGEFILES  "

- and, remember there was a bug in linux.conf that made compilation
  go wrong under LINUX (but has nothing to do with large files)

  so, edit in linux.conf before running configure :

   if [ x$OPENMP != x0 ]; then

I hope I remembered well....

Godd luck


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