alloc problem

Elmar Gerwalin elg at
Tue Jan 22 09:12:06 GMT 2002

Hello !

We recently installed molpro2002.1 on a Digital Alpha, Tru64 System.

We can only allocate 512MB (66 MW) of memory, using the -m option or
the MEMORY keyword.

The (first line of the) error message:
Failure in attempting memory allocation of 100230002 words (764 Mbyte)

It's not a hardware limitation since we have 1.5 GB of physical memory
and molpro2000 can allocate more than 512 MB.

An installation on a Pentium4 system doesn't show this problem.

Is this an installation/configuration problem ?

Any help is appreciated.

Elmar Gerwalin

Elmar Gerwalin ,   University of Kaiserslautern,Germany
                   Dept. of Theoretical Chemistry
                   elg at    0631-205-2749

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